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IBS Office Solutions has added to its market-leading position and reputation with the news that it has achieved the coveted Platinum Partner status with RISO UK, the leading global inkjet print solutions manufacturer.

IBS, which has demonstrated healthy growth over recent years both organically and through acquisition, has been able to benefit from a winning partnership with RISO that has led to a growth in sales, all achieved through hard work from the IBS team and great support from the RISO team. RISO partners who are invited to become a Platinum Partner enjoy the highest levels of benefits and sales, technical and marketing support across the entire RISO product ranges.

Caleb Southwell, IBS Managing Director, said: “I’ve been in the industry a long time and pride myself on being the best. To become a Platinum Partner is important because geographically no other Partner has achieved this status so it’s a bit of kudos for us to say we are selling RISO and we are doing it well.

“We started at the bottom but we set good foundations and roots in the ground, and we have gone to the top of the pyramid through our hard work and a lot of support from RISO on the sales and technical front. We are confident that both we and RISO will benefit from us being made a Platinum Partner.”

Founded more than 25 years ago in Henley on Thames, IBS Office Solutions Ltd is a family-owned business that provides copy, print and solutions services to businesses, schools, political parties and local authorities. It also offers educational and office supplies through its stationery division, and audio-visual solutions for interactive learning.

The business was already a dealer for other manufacturers but needed a unique product offering to help set them apart from others in the market, and RISO provided that. So in February 2021, Inplant Print Supplies Ltd, already a proud RISO partner, became part of the IBS business.

Caleb said: “Since then, IBS has gone from strength to strength, offering as it always has proper advice based on offering a solution that meets requirements and futureproofs printing in the school.

“We understand the RISO products and its benefits, and we have grown in confidence to sell them very successfully.

“It’s a different sale, as you can sell the environmental benefits, you can sell the fact that it will save energy and also save time because of the speed of the device. The colour output is also perfect for the education sector.

“So for us it’s not just about selling on price but on the advantages the printers bring to our customers, and this is down to the unique benefits of the RISO inkjet technology which are not offered by toner-based devices.

He added: “The RISO account managers are outstanding – very very good, and we have the RISO demonstration van to take out to schools, and when our telesales come in to support the sales team RISO will also be on hand to help train them.

“A number of engineers have gone through training recently which has also been very good.
“We have an excellent working relationship with RISO, more perhaps than with other manufacturers. It’s a true partnership.

“Also, having the RISO range is a good differentiator and has given us a competitive edge with a better pricing point to offer customers. We can go to a client and offer a competitive colour rate and make a sensible margin.

“And we have the rubber stamp when going out to clients. We have become a Platinum Partner because we have earned it.

“RISO has been a really good addition, it has broadened our product range and opened up more opportunities. Existing clients with contracts coming to an end have been retained through lowering service rates, but if we’re able to supply a RISO with a low click cost, this helps retain our margin and that makes business sense.”

The RISO Partner programme caters for different levels, with dealers able to move up the tiers, just as IBS has done so successfully.

Russell Long, Head of Sales at RISO, said: “We are very proud to have IBS as a RISO dealer and they clearly understand the benefits of a successful partnership. We are delighted that they have earned the Platinum status and we know that together with RISO support, they have solid foundations for further business growth.”

To find out more about the RISO Partner programme, email sales@ibs-uk.net or info@riso.co.uk.