The Chiltern Centre

As a registered charity, The Chiltern Centre needs to make sure every penny is well spent. It’s something that IBS Office Solutions grasped quickly when it first tendered to provide photocopier support four years ago – and still understands today.

Whereas the centre’s incumbent provider offered minimal customer service and left them feeling like a small fish in a big pond, Caleb and his team demonstrated an understanding of the charity and its needs straight away. This empathy for the cause and the service the centre provides has kept IBS as the preferred supplier and enabled them to consistently offer products and advice that deliver value.

Since securing the photocopier contract, IBS has taken on responsibility for the centre’s printers, suggesting cost-effective and efficient machines and managing the supply of consumables, and installed a state-of-the-art interactive touchscreen that has revolutionised the way service users interact with staff and each other.

“Caleb consistently matches his product recommendations to the resources he knows we have available and will proactively make suggestions that deliver good value. We always feel he’s giving us honest advice and that’s invaluable.”

Gareth Groves, Centre Manager
The Chiltern Centre

The screen, which was initially suggested by IBS, is portable, height adjustable and can pivot to be used in a vertical or horizontal position, making it accessible to all regardless of disability, mobility or understanding.

“When IBS suggested the idea of a screen we had a lot of questions, especially around its strength and stability in a setting such as ours,” said Gareth Groves, centre manager. “Caleb and his team were incredibly patient, coming back with the answers, loaning us a screen to trial and sharing examples of how other similar providers to ourselves were using the technology.

“It meant we were able to make an informed decision and since its installation, we haven’t looked back. It does everything that Caleb promised – more proof of how well he understands us and our needs.”




The Chiltern Centre supports young people aged 16-30 with learning and physical disabilities and complex health needs. The centre currently provides short break, overnight and day care to 26 families, enabling young people to make friends, gain independence, learn new things and have fun. This year marks its 20th year of operation.