Bonitas Multi-Academy Trust

In 2018, Bonitas Multi-Academy Trust was receiving a functional service from its printer supplier. The devices were efficient, repairs were carried out swiftly and disposables were delivered on time but the relationship was purely reactive, with no proactive thinking, strategic advice or future planning. And in education, where budgets are tight and change can be difficult, a more forward-thinking approach is crucial.

Enter IBS Office Solutions, whose joined-up thinking and consultative style was evident right from the start. In addition to assessing the print requirements and printer capabilities, IBS worked with the trust to develop a long-term technology strategy, which integrated printing with other systems.

The trust already had plans to implement follow-me printing, where staff can add their print job to a queue and recall it from any machine across either of the school sites, but IBS made some recommendations to future-proof the system. Caleb and his team suggested investing in smart identity cards, which could be not only tapped on any printer to release the print but used throughout the schools as new technology was introduced.

Since then, the trust has invested in a complete visitor and staff management system and is in the process of rolling out an access control system – both of which use the same smart identity cards.

Ross Bullock, head of ICT and estates at the trust, says this is just one example of the strategic thinking that IBS brings to their relationship.

“One conversation about follow-me printing opened the door to multiple different products. The visitor management and access control systems save us time on a daily basis and make things like hiring out rooms or giving contractors access to site much easier.”

“Appointing IBS Office Solutions was an easy decision. Other companies simply supplied us with estimated costs whereas IBS suggested alternative solutions and recommended ways of working that could be more efficient or save us money. They added value right from the word go.”

Ross Bullock, Head of ICT and Estates
Bonitas Multi-Academy Trust

IBS Office Solutions has also managed the phased installation of 50 interactive touch screens at Ranelagh School, to replace outdated smart boards. The new technology is easy to use, offers greater functionality, and will eventually be linked to the access control system to manage use. Ross added,

“It would have been easy to replace our existing smart boards like for like, but IBS suggested the touch screens might solve some of the connectivity issues we were having and bring other strategic benefits. Introducing the screens has also saved us a significant amount of money on license costs.”




Bonitas Multi-Academy Trust currently comprises two schools, Jennett’s Park CE Primary School and Ranelagh School, although the vision is to establish a partnership of up to seven. Both schools are based in Bracknell and together they have around 1,700 students and 250 staff.