Data and information security

Sharp MFPs are equipped with a Data Initialisation/
End-of-Lease feature. This protects your privacy by removing all data from the internal hard drive when it’s time to replace your MFP.

More control means more peace of mind

For even greater data security, you can add our optional Data Security Kit (DSK), which was the industry’s first Common Criteria certified solution of its type. The DSK protects and controls the major MFP systems and subsystems (print, copy, scan, and fax jobs, network settings, memory components and local user interfaces). The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 bit algorithm is applied to all data as it is written to the hard disk, SSD, RAM or Flash memory, helping to prevent successful attacks. The DSK also eliminates residual data by overwriting it up to ten times with a series of random values – either automatically on power on, automatically after each print, copy, fax or scan operation, or on user demand.


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