Revo Office Automatic Laminator

Key features

  • Automation lamination on sheets up to A3 width
  • Designed for high volume lamination with minimal maintenance
  • Fast and efficient, offering up to 240 sheets per hour
  • Simple and intuitive control panel starts the process with one touch
  • Twin roller design allows for different finishes to be used, e.g. gloss on the back for non-slip
  • Automatic sheet feeder and smooth rollers give a flawless finish every time without uneven edges


Improve productivity and get professional results ever time with our in-house lamination solution. Save time, lower costs and increase productivity with no stress. Professional and consistent results every time.

Water and oil resistant lamination prevents damage to paper materials making it the perfect solution not only for frequently handled items such as menus and teaching flash-cards, but also for outdoor signs and menus too.

The lamination process can help you make an impression as it brightens colours and deepens contrast, allowing you to enhance your printed materials and giving a professional brand image.

Clean, durable and permanent laminating your documents can help you save costs as they can be re-used without the need to be reprinted. Easy to wipe clean, laminated documents are ideal for cleanliness and hygiene, helping to keep your people and pupils safe.

The Revo Office Automatic Laminator is the ideal solution to support print rooms and in-house printing for Education, Government, Construction, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare environments.


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