Scan into SIMS

A school management information system, currently developed by Capita. It is the most widely used MIS in UK schools, claiming over 80% market share across the primary and secondary sectors.

The solutions allow those 70-80% of schools within the UK that run Capita SIMS to streamline their scan process allowing them to maximise their use of the SIMS solution.

We can now offer our new further improved third generation integration in to Capita SIMS. This new solution is called DMS Assistant for SIMS or DMSA.


The objective of DMSA is to:

  • Allow a school to maximise their use of Capita SIMS
  • Offer a low cost accredited Capita solution
  • Provide a quick/simple scan process enhancing previous solutions
  • Allow indexing at a users personal workstation rather than at the MFP
  • Free up admin staff time by reducing the time spent at the MFP
  • Offer flexibility for both ad-hoc day to day and large batch back archive documents
  • Offer the capability to quickly search and view recent and historic scanned docs
  • Enhance security by Implementing an audit trail of scanned documents in to SIMS
  • Offer flexibility by providing the capability to quickly edit indexed documents
  • Reduce workload at installation time for the Sharp reseller and customer IT team
  • Utilise Sharp embedded technology to offer a tight integration with the Sharp MFP
SIMS login
SIMS (School Information Management System)
SIMS (School Information Management System)
SIMS (School Information Management System)