managed print and document solutions

Utilising IBS’ managed print and document solutions will save you time and money, through optimising workflow and streamlining hidden costs. IBS work with only proven solutions to utilise innovations in technology to fit with your business needs and adhere to all compliance requirements.

paper cut

IBS offer Papercut – a print and copy output management software solution allowing users to print from any networked computer to any printer. There are combined benefits of offering privacy to individual printing of sensitive documents and large scale operations; by reducing unnecessary paper wastage, and allowing greater utilisation of reporting for the company to ensure cost efficiencies are maximised.

mobile and BYOD

Recognising that employees are equipped with either personal or company owned mobiles and other devices, IBS offer the technology to enable the secure use of printing solutions locally or from outside the network. This works across a majority of operating systems. This integration helps promote mobility, therefore increasing employee satisfaction in the workplace and inclusion to visiting guests and clients.

Scan into SIMS

IBS provide scanning capabilities to upload vast documents securely, quickly and simply into Capita SIMS (Student Information System). Enabling educational establishments to complete this task in a low cost and time efficient manner gives the flexibility for complimentary jobs to be undertaken at the same time.

Data Security Kit

MFP and Printers can be provided with a data security kit. Enabling encryption before storing data on a hard disk helps increase security around confidential documents and enhances compliance requirements. IBS has our own in-house technical support team should any question arise.

“Papercut has been a revelation, IBS worked fantastically well setting this up and also installing the new printers and copiers. Also, we now have the ability to print from mobile devices, also managed through Papercut.”

– John Hampden Grammar School

Our team of professional staff are dedicated to providing you with the resources and training required to establish and maintain a flexible system.