Manor Green School

Six years ago, an unreliable fleet meant photocopier and printer malfunctions were common at Manor Green School. Assurances about repairs and servicing from the incumbent supplier were beginning to ring hollow and teachers and support staff alike were frustrated by the ongoing disruption and inconvenience.

Fast forward to today, and IBS Office Solutions has been the preferred supplier at the SEN maintained school since 2017. Chosen because of the level of service and their transparent way of doing business, the company made overhauling the printer fleet a priority, replacing the outdated technology with five efficient multifunction printers and twelve compact laser jet printers that are more efficient and cost-effective. Now, breakdowns are dealt with swiftly and professionally – if they happen at all.

Since the initial three-year contract, the relationship between Manor Green and IBS Office Solutions has flourished. Following two successful retenders (won on service levels as well as price), IBS has worked closely with the school to understand its needs further and suggest products to fulfil them.

As a result of this exercise, interactive tables, touch screens and an optimised visitor management system have been successfully installed, improving efficiency and safeguarding and providing additional learning opportunities for pupils.

“Caleb impressed me from the start with his straightforward and honest approach. This felt like someone we could trust to take on our printing requirements and deliver what we needed, without pulling the wool over our eyes.”

Tanya Marley,
Head of Estates, Manor Green School.

“IBS first approached us about a range of interactive tables,” said Tanya Marley, head of estates. “We weren’t even aware such a product existed, but when we explored the options and trialled the technology, it quickly became clear they could add a lot of value in our nursery setting.

“It’s this kind of proactive approach that keeps us working with Caleb and IBS. It feels like they’re always looking for opportunities on our behalf.”




Manor Green School is a day special school in Maidenhead with over 200 students. It is a Centre of Excellence for Inclusion and one of the most successful special schools in the country. Students are aged 2–19, with a wide range of special educational needs.

Manor Green School