Sharp Visitor Management

  • Protect the people and places that power your organisation
  • Secure your site and track the flow of people through various zones
  • Comply with GDPR and health & safety regulations
  • Visitors can sign themselves in and out quickly and easily using the designated kiosk
  • Pre-registered guests can sign-in quickly using a QR code
  • Visitor badge is automatically printed once guest have signed-in
  • Employees are notified by text message or email that their guest has arrived
  • All visitors can be contacted instantly by text message in the event of an emergency
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Sharp’s Optimised Visitor Management system is a smart, secure and easy to use platform for managing guest, employee and contractor registration. Not only does it create a great first impression and free up more time for front desk staff but more importantly it helps create a safer, more secure, more compliant, and more efficient working environment.

The intuitive software and touchscreen technology allow visitors to sign themselves in and out quickly using the designated kiosk – you can easily capture important information and vital consent for data protection and legal requirements – and once complete, a visitor badge is automatically printed. (Badge printer optional)

Dates can set for repeat guests and groups can be pre-registered allowing them to sign in using a QR code. (Barcode scanner optional)

The system instantly notifies employees by text message or email that their guest has arrived, so the receptionist doesn’t need to. Couriers can also drop off packages using a dedicated delivery button and employees are notified in the same way.

Advanced reporting lets you generate real-time reports to identify exactly who is in the building for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. You can even contact all visitors quickly and easily with evacuation instructions in the event of an emergency.


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