Sharp NEC MultiSync ME502 50 inch ME Series large format display

50″ ME-Series Large Format Display, UHD, 450cd/m2, D-LED backlight, 18/7 proof, integrated SoC with Android 13 OS

Key features

  • Seamless connectivity – native USB-C supports Bring Your Own Device workflows, safeguarding inclusion and boosting productivity, with a single cable connection between notebook and display.
  • Best readability – aiding high productivity in well-lit meeting spaces, a high haze filter eliminates glare and reflections from windows and other light sources.
  • Quick input detection – removing potential frustration and smoothing the way to productive meeting outcomes, the display responds immediately when a device is connected.
  • Third-party compatibility – not simply a display, but an out-of-the-box solution, compatible with popular workplace and content management systems through the integrated SoC platform.
  • New feature-ready – regular OTA Android OS updates ensure availability of the latest features and system security.


Class-leading performance and value

For best-in-class visual performance and value, the second generation ME series commands feature-rich professional capabilities for meeting rooms and signage applications. The multi-functional MultiSync® display with high haze panel, native USB-C connectivity, and quick input detection appeals to Enterprise users for Bring Your Own Device simplicity, supporting hybrid workflows and spontaneous meetings.

An integrated System on Chip (SoC) with Android 13 CTS-compliant Operating System brings the most up to date features and security, powering signage applications and commanding high compatibility with CMS partners, making the multi-purpose ME2 series suitable for cost sensitive retail signage applications. Experience seamless access to Android apps and install apps directly onto the display using the integrated browser, without the hassle and expense of an additional external media player.

Trusted long-life reliability is assured through Japanese engineering standards and high-quality components. The MultiSync® ME2 series is a class-leading solution for today’s workplace challenges, bringing value and professional performance, without compromise.